Buffalo-Mechanicsburg Police Department

Buffalo-Mechanicsburg Police










  The mission of this police department, like all police departments, is simple - to protect and serve the citizens of the Villages of Buffalo, Illinois and Mechanicsburg, Illinois.  The Buffalo-Mechanicsburg Police Department’s primary responsibility is to protect our citizens against any and all who would attempt to harm them or their property, to the best of our ability. 

About the department:

Personal crimes are a major concern for any law enforcement agency and our department is very responsive to these crimes.  Wherever and whenever possible, our department provides a police presence to prevent these types of crimes.  When crimes are committed, our department uses whatever resources are necessary to solve the crime and apprehend the violator. 

Our department is very patrol-oriented and we feel that we can avert property crime by visibility.  Patrol is our most useful function; it provides a platform for traffic enforcement, crime prevention and community relations.  Our community is primarily a bedroom community with an aged population.  The sight of a police car in the neighborhood is often a comforting sight. 

In addition to providing service to the Villages of Buffalo and Mechanicsburg, our department is often the first line service providers to the citizens in East Sangamon County.  Our officers are often the only law enforcement on duty in the east area of the county.  The officers of the Buffalo-Mechanicsburg Police Department are the primary back-up officers for the Illinois State Police, Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department and the Village of Riverton. 

In closing, the Buffalo-Mechanicsburg Police Department views our community as one big family and will provide whatever service we can, whenever we can.  All our citizens depend on us to provide them law enforcement services, and the members of this department are proud to do so!